The Story Tender Notebook

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The Notebook is intended for books that will be a part of a series, a “story bible.” I start your Notebook with the first book in the series, allowing you to continue on yourself with subsequent books.

It will be created in Google Sheets, a series of sheets and trackers designed to not only keep track of series details, but to assist in writing your novels.


You will be able to duplicate any of these pages to be used for subsequent books within the series.

  • planning section
    • brain dump list
    • 2 plot dump sheets (for developing brain dump ideas)
    • title ideas list
    • location ideas list
    • character name ideas list
    • research (for tracking research sources)
    • notes section
  • plotting section
    • outline (records events, timing, characters, settings, etc.)
    • timeline (for ensuring time accuracy)
    • character list
    • character sheets (main and important supporting)
  • trackers
    • query tracker (for tracking pub submissions)
    • chapter tracker
    • daily word tracker


I will need a copy of the first books to create the Notebook.


  • $100 flat rate for manuscripts up to 100,000 words
  • additional $5 per thousand words over 100,000 words