Editing Services

Whenever possible, I offer suggestions or explanations for the issues I flag.  While these are obviously just suggestions, I find that if the author understands why I flagged something, it allows them to make a more informed choice.  I often make “reader” comments along the way, too!  Please know that any feedback I offer will be given with respect and without harshness.  I use Track Changes/MS Word’s Comments features for all edits.

I use the guidelines set forth by The Chicago Manual of Style. 16th edition. I use Merriam-Webster for American spelling needs, and Oxford for UK and Australian spelling needs.

Ordering Information:

:: Once you have decided on a service, click the email icon in the sidebar to order.

:: Once I have received this form, I will use the information to determine scheduling.  Please note, this form does NOT constitute a final agreement to work on your manuscript.

::  I will contact you within 48 hours about scheduling.  Once I send this email, your space on my schedule will be held for one week, unless other arrangements.

::  If you wish to go ahead, please let me know within this 7-day period.  Once I have received confirmation, I will send you an invoice via PayPal for a $50 deposit, applicable to any editing or additional service over $50.  For services under $50, an invoice will be sent for the total amount.  Payment of this invoice must be made within 48 hours and indicates acceptance of the agreed upon services and schedule.

::  A final invoice will be sent for the balance once I have received your manuscript, based on word count or flat price.  Per the service agreement, payment is due within 48 hours.  Work will NOT begin until payment is received.

::  If your package includes more than one read-through, I will send it back after the first.  When you are done, just send it back and I will do the second.


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Please note:  An additional fee of $25 will apply for quick deadlines.