The Story Nanny: line editing @ $.004/word

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This is the most common level of editing and usually the most in-depth.  During this level of editing, the manuscript is examined line by line.

what do I look for?

  • Continuity and consistency of the plot, characters, and timelines
  • Impossible moments:  For example, your character has their hands full, so how are they able to pick that up?
  • Basic fact-checking:  This is not in-depth, but includes things like spelling of brand names or anything else that catches my eye.
  • Dialogue:   Does it sound natural?
  • Noticeable repetitiveness of words or phrases
  • Point of view consistency
  • Clarity
  • Sentence structure
  • Chapter/scene breaks:  Could there be a better, more engaging break?
  • Grammar and punctuation
  • Spelling
  • Missing/incorrect words

read-throughs: 2-3 runs as needed

cost:  $.004/word

  • Example: 60,000 word manuscript=$240

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