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I’m happy to announce the addition of three new services to The Story Tender, under “Additional Services” in the menu above.  More information about each of these services can be found on those pages.

The first new service is The Story Beta.  This is a beta reading service.  I will read your book as a reader, rather than as an editor.  You will be provided with a comprehensive beta sheet that will give you my impressions of your book.  This will include likes and dislikes, observations about plot, feelings about characters, pacing notes, and a variety of other things.

The next new service is The Story Tender Notebook.  The notebook is intended for books that will become a part of a series.  It is a series of trackers that I will create as I read your work, designed to be the foundation of a “story bible” for your series.

The last new service is The Story Bouncer.  This service was suggested by a client.  Essentially, I will be your on-demand sounding board.  I can help you by the week, by the month, or even by the project.  I’m the person to help you with difficult wording, stumbling blocks, or to help you develop your ideas.

Please check out these new options and see if I can help you!




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